Interesting Ed Tech links - video recording studio at penn state - app for live shared notes during class - conference boston aug 1-4 2016 - conference june 27-30 2016 in vancouver - digital media guides robot camera - 5 portrait lighting setups - streaming from IP camera - lecture capture system in banff - tracking cameras and controllers - in defense of chalkboards - definitions & resources about blending learning - 8 way video chat - free online collaborative whiteboard - universal design for higher ed - presentation software - simply storytelling app - scanner app - turns image into text - infographics - flexible classroom design - history / planning / principles - studio setup for recording chalk and talk - another badge maker - build your own badges for moodle - how to live broadcast a google hangout on youtube - australian site about combining on-campus and distributed learners - graphic design site worth exploring - excellent british columbia site on open education - big list of online tools - big list of tools that work within LMS - cartoons - web design ideas - better than scorm - guide for online development - how to create elearning - art apps for the iPad - digital microscopes - small document cameras/scanners - simple screencasting app for iPad - start a video discussion - 3-D printer - 3-D printer - moldable repair stuff - - - iOS - collection of tools for online courses from TRU - collection of tools for online courses - collection of tools for online courses - SAMR article - model for tech adoption - 400,000 free images from the metropolitan museum - makes usable audio files out of text - 6 theorists - - - -add voice to goodle docs - software to run airplay on your windows machine? - wireless connection to projector gadget - iPad apps for education - online video tool - online video editing - online video tool - online video editing - online video editing - online animation site - online animation site - online animation site - online animation site - online animation site - online animation site - digital storytelling tools - tool for students to do video assignments using a webcam. - Media Lab at U Minnesota - interesting projects - icon design lesson for educators - eportfolio $10/student/year - directory of apps to install on LMS systems - infographic on the socratic questioning process - create your own educational games - public domain photos - resource of artwork - list of hashtags for find ed tech content on twitter - apps for researchers, teachers, learners - from Alec Couros - spring 2013 - right and wrong ways to use technology (it's not about the technology) - $599 replaces eyepiece on microscope, displays on ipad - top 100 blogs about education - 4 guidelines for effective design of online pages - build your own textbook and make it available to students (for purchase) - great place to keep up on edtech news - interesting organization of instructional technology resources from a college in Ohio - excellent resources in usable structure A more social and serendipitous link sharing tool. - extensive list - some good discoveries - guides and reviews of ed tech - primarily K-12 but interesting - videos from ohio state ed tech conference - video from sessions at UMass Boston EdTech Conference May 2012 - authentic learning and resource links - horizon report wiki w/ links to challenges in higher ed - math, writing and study skills from University of Ontario Institute of Technology - 50 links to interesting tools for classroom use - principles for designing teaching and learning spaces - setting text for online - why flip a classroom? - put any student laptop on the classroom display - more cool things from the hot team at penn state - untethered teaching tools from penn state - infographic - - just what it says - magazine cover generator - cell phone learning tool - presentation and interaction iPad app - animated presentation tool - sync narration and/or video and slides - work on a collaborative document in real time (like the old etherpad) - easy backchannel text tool - canadian-based online survey tool - looks very good - teaching and learning centres at Ontario colleges - e-assessment at open university - computer based assessment tools - the online course - part 2 (humour) - I want to put my course online (humour) - digital teaching and learning - University of Virginia Sciences, Humanities & Arts Network of Technological Initiatives - course design, syllabus design, lesson planning, first days of class - handling 'wrong' answers in the classroom- teaching challenges - examples of teaching using online collaboration tools - research demonstrating that student scores are lower when they try to multi-task during class - profhacker - has a theatre company for teaching about teaching - excellent college teaching resources - online exam system - can use iPads to take exams - create online quizzes that look like games - primarily for K-12 - five useful teachery things you didn't know you could do with youtube - quick easy online animation tool - from U Sheffield Learning Tech - quick online poll - EdTechTimes - news and reviews
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